Logic Op - Halt


The Halt operation introduces a timer for a defined period of seconds, the operation will wait to be restarted or abort of if the timer expires.

The halt operation triggers a timer for a defined period of seconds expecting to be restarted during the timer duration. If no resume is detected within the timer period the opertaions sequence will be aborted. This allows additional external processing to complete and return a result which may be required in additional operation steps.


The operation attributes are as follows.

Attribute Type Description
type String halt
arguments Object [Required] The structure of the HaltArg we expect to receive.
seconds String The time in seconds that the operation will wait for before aborting. The maximum value is 600 seconds.
(Default = 60 seconds)
comment String Comment that is printed when the halt operation is triggered.
(Default = null)


This is an example entry within the operations array:

    "type": "halt", 
    "arguments": {
        "seconds": 10,
        "comment": "Halting operations, waiting for continue."