How did N-Squared become experts in Telecommunications software?

The core of our senior staff are former employees of Telecommunications software development companies, specifically G8 Labs, eServGlobal, and Oracle. Our business is entirely committed to the Telecommunications domain. It’s all we do.

What is the relationship between N-Squared and Oracle?

N-Squared is an Oracle Gold Partner, specialised in the deployment and support of the Oracle OCNCC/OC3C platform. This is the software which was originally developed by G8 Labs and eServGlobal starting in 1997.

N-Squared supports a number of Telecommunications companies who are still using that legacy OCNCC/OC3C software.

What technologies do you use?

At the Database layer, we work with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Oracle DB. We also use Redis when we require a persistent data queue.

Our front-end components are nearly exclusively Angular.

Our back-end, run-time components use different purposes for different functions. We like Eclipse’s Java Vert.x reactive application technology for our high-performance multi-threaded components such as our Online Charging Server and our Diameter and SMPP high-performance proxies.

At the other extremene, our telephony suite codec libraries are written in C for maximum performance.

For embedded service logic, we have long-ago settled on the Lua scripting language, which is specifically designed for the execution of fast, re-entrant, hooks and plugins.

Does N-Squared hire Programmers?

Naturally, from time to time. You can always send us a CV, and if we like it we’ll put it aside for the next time we’re looking to hire. Or maybe we’ll offer you a job on the spot.

We look for careful, clever problem solvers with excellent communications skills. We don’t expect you to have any specific skill-set, we’re happy to teach you the domain, the technologies, and our working methodologies.

But because of that investment, we’re looking for someone who will stay long term, and who has a proven commitment to the Manawatu region where we all live and work.

Does N-Squared offer a “Student Intern Programme”?

Not regularly. Most of the systems we work on are mission-critical solutions, either in telecommunications or in other domains. That means that we don’t tend to have a lot of tasks which are applicable for students to work on.

We might potentially consider offering part-time work to final year students who are keen to stay in the Manawatu region after they graduate.

What CMS do you use for your web-site?

This site is created with Hugo. We used to use Drupal, but after Drupalgeddon 2 and Drupalgeddon 3, we gave up on the idea of dynamic CMS systems, and replaced it with a static site builder for security reasons.