TCAP Abort


An SCP LUA script may request that the call be deliberately ended using TCAP_ABORT on the SSP transaction. Any open external SRP transction will also be ended according to the applicable SRP configuration.

No further telephony methods are permitted after performing tcap_abort.

The LhoScpLuaService TCAP Abort API


The tcap_abort method takes the following arguments:

Attribute Type Description
u_information0 String Specify an explicit string for the TCAP_ABORT u_information array element.

The tcap_abort method returns true immediately.


    local n2svcd = require "n2.n2svcd"
    local scp_api = require "n2.n2svcd.scp"

    local handler = function (scp_call)

        scp_api.tcap_abort ("SERVICE SPECIFIED")


    return n2svcd.handler (handler)