The N-Squared Text/Telephony Gateway (N2TTG) is a framework for the rapid-development of scripts for subscriber self-management services using Text-Based Telephony Protocols including:

This N2TTG technical guide describes the “Lua Service” features related to the processing of inbound USSD and inbound SMPP submit_sm requests, being those components which are delivered in the n2ttg package.

In order to perform their service logic function, the scripts can use the standard base features of the N2SVCD framework, which provides client access for the following Lua Agents:

For all of those service logic client functions, and for general information related to the operation and management of the N2SVCD framework, please refer to the separate N-Squared Service Daemon (N2SVCD) framework technical guide as delivered in the n2svcd package and as documented here:

N2TTG Architecture

The N2TTG is built around the N2SVCD component-based architecture, which consists of a message-passing layer, and an extensible component framework of N2SVCD “Applications”. When implementing a full N2TTG deployment, the following components are used.

The above diagram shows a full solution providing text-based self-care over MAP USSD, and SMPP SMS. It may be that only one of USSD or SMS is required, not both.

Note that the N2TTG package provides only plugins and extensions. All of the Applications shown in the above diagram are part of the underlying n2svcd software package.